Going the Distance SEE Challenge

I’ve taken several online courses through SMART Technologies.  I am currently in the process of completing the Certified Education Administrator track through SMART. It’s great that I can adjust the courses to fit my schedule…which has been incredibly busy lately!  The courses are there to take when I’m ready to take them.  These courses are enabling me to see the big picture with how SMART products fit into our direction as a school; how we can turn each of our classrooms into collaborative learning spaces where all students learn and grow utilizing technology.

One of the classes I took was called “Using Technology to Increase Your Teaching Efficiency”.  This course taught about how to reuse and adapt lesson material as well as how to integrate existing resources into new lessons.  This class was especially useful for me as I train teachers on SMART products that may not be as computer savvy as others.  These teachers do a much better job tweaking and editing existing lessons rather than creating their own from scratch.  During the last Teach-the-Teacher session that I hosted, we started with lessons from the SMART Exchange and then the teachers modified these lessons to fit the instruction in their classroom.  The teachers loved it and appreciate recycle & reuse rather than reinventing the wheel!

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