Collaborative Learning in a Changing World – A Video

Teachers are you ready for a changing world?  If not, you better get there fast because the face of technology is changing rapidly.  Check out this video from SMART Technologies and you’ll see what I mean:

Collaborative Learning in a Changing World

So what is needed to be ready for this changing world of technology:
Here are a few suggestions:
1.  Teachers must be highly qualified to teach in this technology rich environment.  If you’re not willing to learn, grow, and help others to grow in the technology, you may as well retire now!
2.  Prepare the students early – Technology advances are not just for high school and college students but even our preschool students are manipulating iPads right now.  That means if we start our students early so that they are not afraid of the technology, we grow students that are ready and willing to accept advances in this technology.
3.  Finally, it’s not about bells and whistles – It’s not the bells and whistles that makes the technology great…it’s the usage in the classroom that helps our students to excel that makes the technology.  The technology differentiates the instruction of a good teacher.  It helps the teacher to reach all learners.  Just having a flashy product, doesn’t help the students to learn or the teacher to teach.
What do you think of the Changing World of Technology video from SMART?


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