Digital Toolkit that Ignites Student Learning

Fantastic Digital Tools with Alex Vlachakis Sandy Creek High School CTAE Teacher and Fayette County Teacher of the Year 2015.

This session focused on apps that can be used in the classroom. Most of them I use but there is always something new to learn.


Stop Motion or Fun Motion – Android Used to create stop motion animation. I have not used this app before but can see potential uses in my classroom.

Evernote – I use this in my class already for student note taking, videos, turning in work, etc. Good idea to let students know when it is ok to record.

Pixntell – Free but has a teacher paid version. Allows you to bring in pictures and then make a slide show.

Sticky – Allows you to add Sticky Notes.

Pinterest – Very familiar with this although I don’t use Pinterest IN the classroom, I find things here to use to prepare for the classroom.

Slides – Great replacement for Powerpoint that’s already available on your Google account.

Edmodo – Already use this for several aspects of LMS in the classroom.

Blogger – Great for students with Google accounts to create quick blogs in the classroom. It’s simple! I personally don’t use this for my own technology blog I use Word Press.

iMotion – I have not used this app before. Can create time lapse video.

This is Alex’s Blog:

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