Google Mania!

One of my goals for the conference was to find out more about Google Apps and how they can be used in the classroom.  Wow!  I am on overflow and thirsting for more!   Yesterday I attended 2 Google sessions and spoke with a representative in the Exhibitors Expo.  Today I have 3 Google sessionson the schedule.  Here is what I need:

  • Google Apps for Education – Our school does not use this but it is a free service.  I will be ensuring that our school has GAFE for the 2014-2015 school year.  I do need help with a rollout plan.
  • Google Classroom – This is a part of GAFE, right?  I just learned about this yesterday.  It appears to be what I did on my own this past school year just using Google Drive.  In GD I created folders to represent all of my classes and distributed work and collected student work through these shared folders.  I’m told Google Classroom gives me that and more of the lesson planning management.  Can’t wait to find out more.
  • Google Glass – Ok , this was just pure fun!  I don’t know if we’ll ever get a pair of Google Glass in our school but I loved trying on a pair and listening to the possibilities of using them to create virtual field trip and other teaching methods.

So the sessions I’m going to today will hopefully take me just a bit further on how to incorporate into the classroom in practical ways.  Since I a fully in charge of teacher tech PD, I’d love to be able to roll this out during inservice training at the end of July.

Thanks, Google!

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