ISTE 2014! Start off with a #satchat



It is ISTE 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia!  What a great opportunity to learn and network with other educational technology advocates.

June 28 – Started at 8:00am with a great #satchat discussion on the Technology Revolution in our schools.

  • What’s involved in a technology revolution?
  • Why is it necessary to have a Technology Revolution in our schools?
  • How can teachers have a voice…  How can students have a voice…in this Technology Revolution?
  • How can parents and the community help?
  • How can school leaders ensure the success of the Technology Revolution?

Here is the link for the live #satchat held at ISTE posted on youtube: #satchat live at ISTE 2014


A6: School leaders must lead by example! It’s awesome to see admin come 2 meetings w/ their tech & using tech 2 facilitate meetings #satchat

A6: As Dir of Inst Tech I advocate for our Ts for meaningful PD and for our Ss for access. Both are critical to a tech revolution

A5: Parents need to know that Ss devices will be used for learning not just texting and Facebook. Electronic newsletters can help!

 · 42m

A5: When we kicked off BYOT we invited parents in w/ their devices & they back channeled questions during discussion! Involve them!

A4: We used student tech tutors to assist other students having tech difficulties; gave the students the tech leadership

A4: Ss must have a way to provide input into the tech process. Online forms, polling w/tech, or just a suggestion box work great!

 · 54m

This model works great when I do PD for our Ts RT : …they don’t have to do everything w/ tech at once. Choose 1 2…

A3: Ts have got 2 leave the building physically or virtually to professionally develop into the technolgy advocate 4 their Ss

A3: Ts have a voice by recognizing Ss needs & being an advocate for change; Getting involved in PD that advances this goal

 · 1h

Here here! RT : A1 – A revolution requires revolutionaries; those who are willing to think differently…

A2: we are to prepare students for the society of the future and jobs that don’t even exist right now, it’s time for a revolution

 · 1h

A1: Tech revolution requires Teachers & admin to be willing to change to support student needs

 · 1h

Good morning, Martha , Instructional Tech Director from GA! Welcome to Atlanta!


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