Adding Interactivity

This week I taught a class to Middle School teachers on adding interactivity to their SMART Notebook Lessons.  Adding these type of elements will bring a greater level of interactivity into SMART Notebook lessons while providing opportunities for more student involvement which produces greater learning outcomes.  The elements taught were:

  • Pull Tabs – used to hide elements outside the margins and provide more space on the page.
  • Object Animation – fade out/in when clicked, spin when clicked
  • Reveals – erase to reveal, move to reveal, color reveal, magic tunnel
  • Magnifying glass affect
  • Magic Tunnel affect
  • Embedding video/audio links

SMART Technologies produces quick reference guides for most of these interactive elements which can be found at the following links:

Pull tabs –

Click to reveal –

Erase to reveal –

Magnifying Glass affect –

Magic Tunnel affect –



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