Student Collaboration on the SMART Board 680

Students in the attached videos are collaborating on the SMART Board 680.  The 2 attached videos show:

1. students collaborating on keywords that mean add, subtract, multiply and divide

2.  students collaborating on which graphs represent functions and which graphs do noot

On the SMART Board 680, only one student may touch the board at once, however, they can still talk and share ideas while taking turns.

Collaboration in our Algebra-1 classroom means that students are grouped or paired together in order to achieve an academic goal.  The goal in the videos in for the students to gain interactive formative assessment practice on keywords and functions after the concept has been introduced to the students.  This interactivity ensures a thorough understanding from the students before moving on to a more summative assessment.

Link 1 –  Collaboration Video #1

Link 2 –  Collaboration Video #2

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