SMART Table Demonstration is a HIT!!

On Nov. 30, 2012, our wonderful reseller, Rob from Unified AV, brought an early Christmas present to our lower elementary students at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy.  He came with a SMART Table!   This was a planned demonstration to allow the students to interact with the SMART Table and begin to get the hang of it in preparation for ordering a SMART Table soon for their classrooms.

The students loved it!  Diane, our SMART professional development coach, gave the students instruction on how to turn on the table, how to bring in different activities, and the students took over from there.  They picked up the technology very quickly and effortlessly.  Their interactivity and collaboration while working on the SMART Table showed that the technology truly has a place in their classroom and in their learning.  The students interacted with math activities,  manipulated shapes, mastered image reveals,  listened to and matched animal sounds, and many, many, more  activities.

Christmas came early in lower elementary at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy!  Many thanks to our reseller, Rob at Unified  AV and Diane our SMART PD coach for making this demonstration possible!








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